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Building Dreams, Designing Futures!

Who we are

The Dream Team is a tight knit group of moms and for the last 24 years, we have been helping others create a more balanced life with family as our first priority.  We all work remotely on our time, which allows the flexibility our moms need.  

Our community's financial success is important to us! Join a vibrant group of like-minded moms who are on the same journey.

At the Dream Team, we believe that every mom deserves the chance to achieve financial security without compromising on family time. Our mission is to be a provider of tools, training and resources to build a thriving work-from-home career that fits seamlessly into a busy life.

What we do

We are marketing representatives for a US based manufacturer. Our team will guide, support, and mentor you in building a financial future to last a lifetime.

Join us today and take the first step towards creating a sustainable and rewarding career from home.

Meet Our Team

Meet some of the incredible moms who have transformed their lives and achieved
financial independence with the help of our organization!

I worked in Corporate America for many years and always dreamed of working from home and being available to my children.  You only get so much time with them and I wanted the flexibility to be a present mom!  I searched for so long, looked at many companies and finally found a perfect fit with our organization in 2002!  What an incredible blessing this journey has been.  

I’m so thankful that I got the information and said YES!!  The time freedom it has brought has been priceless.  Since joining this group, I have also been able to live debt free, have enough for vacations, kid’s college, savings and working on my retirement. I was a single mom for years, now remarried and have a huge passion for helping others live a life that they love on their terms!  Let’s connect!

- Gina
I worked for a large health club chain and I loved what I did, but my job left no extra time to focus on building a family. I chose to hang up my Corporate America hat and stay home with my newborn. I now have two kids that have always had their Mom home with them, and I truly feel you can't put a price tag on that. I wanted to find something that could provide me with a great life, not become my life. I have loved every year I have worked from home. I was able to work part time and replace my full time income within my first year. I love that I have been able to raise my kids at home! We have a GREAT life!

- Keely
I am a single mom of 5 children! (I feel like I should run a taxi service with all of the activities I run kids to every day). I have been able to support my family with this business and work around their busy schedules, which makes me blessed beyond measure. I love helping other families to have a great balance between business & family as well!

- Liza
Having a 2 year old and 9 month old twins....I had given up my career to stay home and be more present with the kids. I looked at lots of ways to earn income from home (even tried a makeup business, which I quickly realized wasn't for me) and finally found our team! Immediately...I knew I was HOME! What a different life it has provided.

I have 4 amazing, grown kids, who know nothing other than me being home their entire life.... but also....a wonderful business that has provided for us and been a reliable, repeat income for over 20 years now! (my primary income for over 18 years now) and has given me complete flexibility to live a life of balance, time freedom and mostly time for the important things. Over the years it helped me homeschool, help with the daily struggles of Lyme Disease (3 of my kids have Lyme) as well as pay off debt, and save for the future and retirement. I love what I get to wake-up and do every single day and feel so thankful for this team!!

- Michelle
As a former teacher & a mom to 3 daughters, I joined this team in 2002, so I could achieve work-life balance & raise my girls. I'm so grateful that I have created time freedom and flexibility.

The older I get, the more I realize time with my family is so invaluable. This organization aligns with my values and provides an incredible, positive work culture.This business gave me financial stability during the decade as a single mom and I continue to work this business to have a good retirement income and, in the near future, spend time with my children's families and grandchildren.

- Amber
After working in Education for eight years, I'm back at home, earning a great income while still raising our five boys. I was tired of financially struggling paycheck to paycheck.

I wanted more for my family. This has been an incredible journey for us, and it's only begun. So grateful for how this has completely changed our lives.

- Lisa
Hi, my name is Dawn Tooley and I have a heart for helping moms gain financial independence, without sacrificing family, just as I have with this team for 14 years!Before finding this team, we had no wiggle room at the end of each month. I wanted options to do more.

This business allowed me to work from home part time around my kids' busy schedule and gave us freedom by giving me the work-life balance I desperately needed and the ability to spend more time as a family. Later, as a single mom for many years, I was able to provide a great lifestyle for my kids as they grew.  They felt they had a stay-at-home mom even while I earned our full income, never sacrificing financial stability. Now we travel often and I am able to work remotely without missing a thing with my family!  The most rewarding part is helping other women enjoy balance and success as well.

- Dawn

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